LSU fans have done it.

If you've been on social media in the last few days chances are you've seen this whiteboard with teams and numbers on it.

An establishment in Omaha, Nebraska has been keeping count of the number of Jello Shots purchased by fans, who are there for the College Baseball World Series.

LSU took a quick lead in the number of shots purchased and it has not slowed down since they arrived.

As a matter of fact, LSU fans have now broken the record for the number of shots purchased at Rocco's, and the World Series has just started.

Jacques Doucet of WAFB-TV reported that Todd Graves, of Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers, purchased 6,000 Jello Shots from Rocco's.

That massive purchase breaks the record of previous shots purchased by the Ole Miss fanbase.

For days LSU fans have been checking on updates for the count and now they can rest knowing that they, LSU fans, have purchased more Jello Shots than anyone else in Omaha.

Will they reach 30,000 Jello Shots purchased? I wouldn't count out the LSU fans there in Omaha for one bit.

Here is Graves with another Baton Rouge businessman, Jordan Piazza, after their massive purchase in Omaha.

Todd Graves
Todd Graves


Check out the chaos as numbers are updated and LSU breaks the previous record. Todd Graves reportedly led the LSU chants.


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