He didn't like the call.

An LSU fan, who was sitting behind the home plate for the Tigers and Cajuns softball game this weekend, lost it when the umpire called a strike on one of the LSU players.

The man in the purple vest jumped on the barrier between the fans and players while he questioned the call.

This Tiger fan attends all LSU sporting events and is often seen with the championship belt you see here.

While LSU fans are accustomed to this man's enthusiasm, some fans were just introduced to him, thus he became the subject of conversation for some on social media.

The Cajuns defeated the Tigers in the final game of the Regional Round in Baton Rouge 9-8 and they now move on to the Super Regionals.

Here's the moment this LSU fan lost it.

Here he is again when Louisiana elected to intentionally walk an LSU batter.


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