Louisiana's online "Guilty Pleasure" revealed!

And by "guilty pleasure", we mean both "guilty" and "pleasure"! You'll never guess what the #1 searched-for online topic is for people in Louisiana. Go ahead, guess. (I'll give you a hint: it starts with "X", ends with "X", and has an "X" in the middle!)

Yup, adult content. Louisiana shares that distinction with a few other states, including Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, and Kansas. According to this story by Rachel Oaks on the High Speed Internet website, people in Louisiana were not searching for "ways to improve my vocabulary" most.

Michael Smith, Getty Images
Michael Smith, Getty Images

Other states that had interesting online guilty pleasures included Florida (most searched: sugar daddy websites), Colorado (fail videos), Utah (fitness models), Kentucky (sugar mama sites), and the innocent-yet-ailing Maine (WebMD).

Now that providers can sell your internet search history, we may be able to pinpoint some of these searches down to particular addresses in the near future.

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