Spring has just about sprung, so it's time for Spring cleaning and sprucing up the place. In Louisiana it, seems we have a go-to item we all look for achieving the aforementioned sprucing.

The folks at workshopedia.com studied online searches for 12 months looking at "45 popular decor items available for sale at five major home goods retailers". In doing so, they noticed trends from state to state.

Plants are always a quick, easy, and affordable way to fancy up a room, but workshopedia.com says surprisingly, plants didn't even rank in their study.

Throw pillows are a popular option around the country, but not in Louisiana.

According to the study, rugs are the number one thing we search for in Louisiana to liven up our homes.

I can't disagree with the findings. As a matter of fact, Louisiana shares decor tastes with six other states.

Below is the map from workshopedia.com showing the most searched home decor for each state.


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