A new episode about Louisiana's Cajun country by videographer and storyteller Peter Santenello does a beautiful job of showcasing the greatness of our area.

Who is Peter Santenello?

He is a storyteller, and he uses his phone and his GoPro to tell stories, but they are not his stories, they are other people's stories from across the globe.

His website says something very important about who he is and what he stands for,

I share the story, you make your own opinion.

The episode is a look at our culture and also the struggles of the crawfish and other industries in our area.

The farmer he spends time with during this episode takes him out to the farms, to a local small grocery store, and more.

So often our culture is mocked, our people are made fun of, and our people are shown in a bad light. That is not the case with the videos made by Santenello. He shows our beauty, our values, and our love of who and what we are.

You can tell what kind of impact the two episodes have on his followers just on Facebook. Click here to see the reaction.

Santenello got to eat his first boiled crawfish when he got to visit Stelly's Boiling Spot! When speaking with a customer in the drive-thru waiting for boiled crawfish, Santenello can be heard asking the woman, "Do you know what it smells like in there? It's one of the best smells in the world!" It sounds like we have an honorary Cajun in the making!

But, Did He Suck the Heads?

He did! And, he really liked it! He keeps saying, "Awww, yeah".

Santenello Sucks Head of Crawfish

The first video that dropped was several days ago.

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