It appears that Louisiana is helping out the residents of Kentucky in a big way.

We all know what happens in Louisiana after a hurricane rolls through and leaves people without shelter: the travel trailers come out in droves.

Some are privately owned, having been taken to higher ground prior to the storm and then return as temporary homes for those affected by the storms.

Others are loaned out by good people to friends, neighbors, or family members.

Still, others are provided to residents affected by the storms by the government.

Well, some of the trailers in that last group are finding new life as temporary homes for residents of Kentucky who, within the past 2 months, have been reeling from devastating floods.

According to a story from NBC LEX18, Louisiana is sending some 300 of these travel trailers to Kentucky to help people affected by the floods recover.

The governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, announced that the trailers were being donated through an agreement between his state and John Bel Edwards.

And if anyone knows about storm recovery, it's the people on the Gulf Coast.

LEX18 quoted Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards as saying that he empathizes with the people of Kentucky:

We understand the importance of helping people in the aftermath of a natural disaster, including helping them find shelter as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives. Governor John Bel Edwards via LEX18

The story goes on to say that the 300 travel trailers that are being donated to Kentucky by Louisiana will join almost 120 trailers that are already in use in Kentucky.

Travel trailers don't come cheap and, according to the story, Governor Beshear says that Louisiana's donation will save Kentucky around $40,000 per trailer.

All that Kentucky has to do is pay for hauling them to Kentucky and the prep work involved in getting them moved and set up.

Our thoughts (and trailers) go out to those in Kentucky who are still recovering from these floods.

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