As we all work to get things in order ahead of Marco and Laura, sandbags are a big part of many people's storm preparations. It can be backbreaking and time consuming work, but maybe these tips can help you get it done easier and faster.

Clayton H. Nelson posted the first video showing a really simple method to very quickly fill sandbags using a big PVC pipe and chainsaw. He's from Louisiana, so you know he knows what he's talking about.

Using an 8 inch PVC pipe, you first cut it at an angle for scooping sand. Then all you have to do is tie your bag to the other end of the pipe, and scoop and tilt until the bag is full. You can easily cut a handle in the middle of the pipe for grip.

The second video is also from Nelson and uses a method I've seen quite a few videos on. You basically make a frame for 8 inch PVC pipe and then attach the pieces of pipe to the frame. Slide your empty bags over each pipe, fill it with sand and then just flip it over and tie them off.

I sure hope you don't need to use these, but in the event you do, maybe these ideas can help. If you've tried these methods to fill your sandbags, let us know how well they worked for you and stay safe!


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