Hurricane season is upon us and there could be a possibility of tropical weather developing in the Gulf of Mexico at some point this week.

Since it is always better to be over-prepared than underprepared here is a list of where you can get sandbags in Lafayette Parish.

All locations are self-bagging so be sure to bring your muscles.

Lafayette City and Parish sandbag locations:

If you need assistance filling and loading sandbags at either of the two locations below you can call the Lafayette Consolidated Government Public Works Dispatch line at 337-291-8517.

• North District site at 400 Dugas Road (located off North University Avenue)
• Picard Park, 130 Park Lane

Regulations for sandbag locations:
• Please limit sandbags to four bags per exterior door
• Maximum of 20 sandbags per household

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Municipality Sandbag Locations:
• City Hall, 310 E. Main Street (behind City Hall)
• Deer Meadow Subdivision (corner of Deer Meadow Boulevard and Myette Point Street)
• Broadview Drive (by the Broussard Community Center)
• Community Center, 5115 N. University Avenue
• Duson Park at South A Street - Currently closed but will open when needed
• Public Works Department, 116 Lions Club Road (Scott residents should first call City Hall to find out if the site is open)
• 333 S Larriviere Road - Currently closed but will open when needed


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