Finally, a state ranking where we're actually close to the top!

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely tired of our state getting run through the mud every time there's a national ranking. It seems like no matter what it is, Louisiana is either dead last or pretty close to it.

The last one I saw was Louisiana's obesity rate. To which I say, "Of course we're fat, have you tried our food???"

Anyways, today I came across some information which shows not only is Louisiana close to the top, but we're being lauded for it.

The topic at hand is U.S. states with the "best highway laws on the book". Under that criteria, Louisiana landed at a respectable number seven.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety praised Louisiana in their ranking, giving us props for having nine of the organization’s recommended safety laws.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety President Kathy Chase says Louisiana’s laws excel at protecting more than just the driver.

“Louisiana is doing really well with occupant protection laws. You all have a primary enforcement seatbelt law for front and back seat passengers, which is excellent. You also have an all-rider motorcycle law.”

So keep it up Louisiana, let's stay at the top of these rankings for 2019!

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