Most of us are quite familiar with what the damaging rays of the Sun can do to our skin when we are out by the pool for too long. While that sunburn danger has been chronicled for decades there are other burn dangers that parents need to be cognizant of as we step into the official beginning of Summer on Friday.

Many of us are painfully aware of just how hot car seats can get but only after we've planted our barely covered bottoms on top of them. Temperatures of car seats, especially in direct sunlight, can reach temperatures well above 150 degrees Farenheight.

Playground equipment in direct sunlight can be another source of summertime burns and discomfort. Equipment made of dark rubber can reach temperatures of 180 degrees or more and many slide surfaces, when exposed to prolonged sunlight, can reach temperatures of 140 degrees or more.

Another area of concern parents might not have at the top of their list is water from the garden hose. For those parents who allow their kids to roam like free-range chickens water temperatures in those sun-baked hoses can also top 140-degrees Farenheight.

Experts say it's all a matter of precaution when it comes to summertime heat. They suggest that parents inspect playground equipment and put covers on car seats before children use them. They also suggest that you employ the time-honored tradition of letting the water run in the garden hose until it cools down before offering it to children or pets as a means to cool off.

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