If you ever open a refrigerator in Breaux Bridge, La., or in Youngsville, La. and you see paper towels in it, do not freak out.

Groceries are so expensive these days, and that includes fruit and vegetables.

And recently, I had a conversation with family members and we discussed that fruit and vegetables just don't stay fresh as long as they once did. Well, there's apparently one thing you can do to preserve your fruit and vegetables.

All fruit and vegetables contain water within them and after a few days of being in the refrigerator, the water begins to seep from them and that is when your fruit or vegetables begin to wilt and not stay fresh.


So, what can you do to retain the water in your fruit and vegetables? There is one easy home hack that some swear by and that involves paper towels.

According to the hack, if you wrap your fruit or vegetables in paper towels, while they're in the fridge, they will contain the water they need to remain fresh.

Yes, by simply wrapping your fresh fruit or vegetables with paper towels, you can help preserve your purchases. So give it a try and see if this simple hack helps you get the most out of your purchases.

And again, if you open someone's refrigerator and you see several things wrapped in paper towels, don't freak out or question their sanity---they're just doing their best to preserve their fresh fruit and/or vegetables.


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