If you are a Jeep owner and are looking to meet other Jeepers and give back to the community, the Louisiana Jeepers is for you!

The Louisiana Jeepers are always welcoming new members to the family because with new members come new ideas, new friendships, and new possibilities!


The Louisiana Jeepers take road trips each year to events like the Natchitoches Christmas Light Festival, the Glow in the 'Cro Balloon Fest, Topless Tuesday events at local restaurants, beach trips, or just back-road treks around Acadiana.

They also organize and/or participate in fundraisers that benefit organizations like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Autism Society of Acadiana, LARC, RSD, American Cancer Society, Acadiana's Hope for a Cure, the American Lung Association, and many others.

Louisiana Jeepers is a non-profit organization consisting of family and friends who love on/off-road adventures and the great outdoors. Their mission is to help support local charities and to provide a fun, clean, family atmosphere while treading lightly on the environment.

Their goals are aimed at fostering pride and friendship within the Jeep community; preserving public lands; actively participate in related programs, and offer volunteering efforts to other non-profit, charitable, and public/government organizations.

If you would like more information about becoming a member of the Louisiana Jeepers, you can attend their meeting tonight, 6:30,  at Acadiana Jeep on the Evangeline Thruway, right across from the Lafayette airport, or you can message them on Facebook.

On a personal note: the Louisiana Jeepers is one of the main reasons that the annual 'jeep jaunt' is so successful. The Louisiana Jeepers had just been created when my family got the idea to start the 'jeep jaunt'. When we approached them to ask for help, their answer was "Yes, any help you need!". Since then, the Louisiana Jeepers have had the highest attendance of any club at the event. Not only do they attend, but their members volunteer to help in every capacity, and they provide door prizes and auction items to the event, all in efforts of giving back.

Is your Jeep a "Mall Crawler"? Is it not trail ready? Is it in storage in your uncle's barn? That's all okay! The Louisiana Jeepers DO take trips to the trails to do some serious off-roading, but they also take trips to do some basic off-roading on trails that are not challenging at all. Beautiful trips through the woods, mountains, across beaches, and on the asphalt, the Louisiana Jeepers is open to all types of Jeep owners!



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