Ladies, do you think wearing pink would make you more likely to go hunting?

Some Louisiana lawmakers believe this, and are considering introducing 'blaze pink' as an alternative to the 'hunter orange' most states currently require hunters to wear, according to KATC.

Bogalusa Rep. and hunter Malinda White is sponsoring the bill because she believes the fluorescent pink option would encourage more women to go hunting. White cited the fact that Wisconsin also passed such a bill, and the House Natural Resources Committee passed White's bill without objection, which now goes to the full House for consideration. Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries also supports the proposal.

This is one of the strangest things I've read in a long time. Maybe I'm wrong, but gender doesn't dictate what color a person likes or dislikes. Seems to me a woman will want to go hunting if she has a valid reason, like spending time with those in her family who hunt, or because she has an interest in it herself. Suddenly being able to wear pink, which does not just belong to women, wouldn't really affect a woman's decision to hunt, in my opinion.

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