Let this be a reminder to ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.

Justin Lombardo made stop at the Texaco in Delcambre to use the restroom, but he had no idea he would encounter one of the scariest experiences of his life.

After seeing a mysterious shadow continuously pop up from the stall next to his, Justin Lombardo decided to press record on his phone and wait for it to pop up again. When he saw the shadow pop up, he dropped the phone low to see what was going on in the stall next to his.

When he played the video back, he was shocked to see the face of an older man staring right back at the camera. The man had been leaning down to peek into the stall next to him. By the time Justin finished doing his business, he said the man had managed to exit the bathroom stall.

Be warned—the video and story you're about to see may be hard to shake after seeing it, but let it be a lesson to always pay attention to your surroundings in any given situation.

UPDATE: It seems as if Lombardo has taken the video down from his Facebook page.

Hopefully, the authorities can catch up with this guy before he has a chance to do this again.

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