If you've been in a park or even in your yard, you may have looked up and noticed something odd in the trees.

Many of the trees are bare as of now, because Spring hasn't Sprung yet, so it is easy to notice and see things in trees that you may not normally see.

For example, you may see a lot of birds nesting during this time of year and one thing that you and others may mistake for a birds nest is a large ball of leaves.

While it may look like a bird's nest, the large ball of leaves in a tree likely is not a bird's nest, but it is a nest for something else.


When I was younger my Dad would take me hunting, and he always said to never shoot at a large ball of leaves in a tree. He would go on to explain that the large ball of leaves up in a tree is a special nest.

Squirrels will often build their nest in the winter months, knowing that when Spring arrives they will be giving birth to baby squirrels. So, the large ball of leaves that you see in trees are indeed squirrel nests.

The small furry squirrel that is pregnant will often give birth between March and April. A second litter could arrive in August.

So, while trees are bare of their leaves if you happen to see these balls of leaves in your trees, there's nothing to be alarmed about, and to echo what I was told by Dad, just let it be.

Here's a look at a squirrel's nest and a better look at what we should not disturb.

Check out this video of mommy squirrel hard at work as she prepares her nest.


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