This is one of those stories that will make you think. You'll probably think about your faith. You'll probably also do plenty of thinking about why things are the way they are.

Jesus Worship Center in Jennings is a faith-based group that has two buildings in the city, and just the other day officials with the church rolled up to their facilities to find that satanic-type symbols and really dirty words had been spray painted on the church building and the youth center.

Pastor Clifton Lejune told KLFY that thankfully some of the paint was actually still wet so it made it easier to get the stuff off of their buildings.

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What makes this story so interesting, is that pastor Lejune had just been having a conversation with people attending his bubble study class about what they would do if someone came up to their church and vandalized it.

Just the next day when people were coming to the church that's when they noticed all the vandalism. This is what Pastor Lejune had to say,

We noticed it was still wet outside and the paint hadn't cured quite yet, so we were able to scratch it off and then power wash it and get it off the building. But that became a rallying cry for our church.

Pastor Lejune
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And isn't that amazing? Something that likely was designed by the vandals to tear these people's faith apart only it served to bring them closer together and stronger in their faith.

It was just the night before the building where they have their services was vandalized that at the bible study, Pastor LeJune was talking about the very issue of vandalizing.

He had said,

The analogy was to the class I said, 'What if you drive up to the church this Sunday and someone had spray painted all over the walls?'

Bad Words Spray Painted
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Pastor LeJune says he just doesn't believe in coincidences, he thinks this was God making this happen. He adds they have contacted law enforcement, but he really doesn't want to see anyone go to jail for this.

He says this experience has united his church even more and their faith is stronger than ever. They feel there is a spiritual battle going on in our world, and they are faithful.

He says all he would want to do is help the two people who did this vandalizing.

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