A woman, who was reportedly wielding a knife, was attacked by looters in Minneapolis Wednesday night.

The woman in the wheelchair was attempting to stop looters from taking the merchandise from Target, but she reportedly had a knife in her possession and was attempting to stab folks as they exited the store.

You can see the woman in the white shirt attack the woman in the wheelchair, then out of nowhere someone walks up to the woman in the wheelchair and sprays her with a fire extinguisher.

As the woman is being sprayed, you can see other looters throw things at the woman in the wheelchair. And if that is not enough, looters also reportedly took this woman's possessions.

Many took to the streets of Minneapolis on Wednesday night as they continued to protest the death of George Floyd.

Floyd was the man arrested by police in Minneapolis and while detained an officer was seen with his knee on the neck of Floyd for several minutes and minutes after, Loyd passed away.

Other videos have surfaced of looters burning businesses and destroying police cars in Minneapolis on Wednesday night. One looter was shot and killed by a business owner last night when he allegedly tried to break into a pawn shop.

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