The long snapper for a university's football program was able to repair the bus they were traveling on, allowing them to make it to the game.

According to KSN/KODE, the long snapper for the Pittsburgh State Gorillas football program out of Pittsburgh, Kansas, was able to save the day recently. The team was on its way to Hays, Kansas, to take on the Fort Hays State Tigers when the bus lost power.

Enter Pittsburgh State's freshman long snapper Timmy Malinowski. Malinowski is an automotive technology major at Pittsburgh State, so he got off of the bus, popped the hood, and had a look-see.

After a careful examination of the apparatus, Malinowski was able to pinpoint the problem.

Using a Leatherman tool he carries with him, Malinowski was able to tighten a hose clamp that had become loose, restoring power to the disabled bus.

As Malinowski reboarded the bus, according to the story, his teammates erupted into cheers as they really didn't want to double-up on the other bus (which would have made for a cramped ride to the game).

The team went on to beat the Fort Hays State Tigers by a score of 34 - 24 later in the day.

Let this be a lesson for all of the kids who are growing up right now hoping to become sports stars: it always pays to have skills to fall back on in case the sports dreams get squashed.

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