An Acadiana tattoo artist, Todd Cage, is getting creative and started a side hustle to make money since he is out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. In Phase One in Louisiana, tattoo shops are still not able to open their doors to the public. For Cage, another month without work hurts, so he found a way to use his artistic talent to create a product that Acadiana is loving. Cage is putting a unique design on shoes and social media is loving it.

The shoes are Nike slides and he paints sunflowers on the straps. They certainly grab your attention and brighten your day. According to KATC, Cage said it started off as a simple favor. Someone asked Cage if he could do it and he told them to send him a pair to paint. After that, everyone wanted a pair. That’s when he decided to use that talent to help his family by making some money while he is unable to work as a tattoo artist during the federal guidelines.

Cage says he has already done about 80 pairs and he credits the Lafayette community saying people in Acadiana always step up during hard times. And he is absolutely correct about that. That’s what people in Acadiana do. They support each other and help each other.

If you would like to purchase a pair of Todd Cage’s famous shoes, send him a message on his Facebook page, Smash Adams by click here.






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