The owner of a local business is looking for the person in a red Jeep who stole flowers from in front of her shop.

Adrian Guidry, owner of "Adorn" on the corner of Vermilion and Jefferson Streets, shared a video of someone stealing a flower from the planter on the storefront sidewalk. As you can see in the video, a 4-door red JL Jeep (sans doors) stopped in front of her shop and a passenger gets out and steals a flower, damaging other plants in the process.

Adrian shared with me that she has been shut down for 7 weeks, with no income. "We just reopened yesterday," she told me. "I know that it's just plants and flowers, but the four adults in that Jeep all think that this is the right thing to do with so many small businesses hurting as we are? We should be supporting each other, not causing more heartache."

In times like these where everyone is affected by the shutdown (some more than others, of course), you would think that we would all be trying to be a bit nicer.

If you are the person responsible, or if you know her, get in touch with Adrian right away to make amends. It's the right thing to do.

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