Police are investigating a suspicious death, but it's what happened prior to the discovery of the body that has many scratching their head.

A man's body was discovered in someone's North Carolina yard days after he went missing and now his family is asking how a lawn service could simply ignore their loved one's body.

Well, it turns out the lawn service thought that it was a homeowner's Halloween prop in their yard. Sadly, there was no prop in the yard it was the body of Robert Owens.

Police do not suspect foul play in the case, but they are investigating this suspicious death.


Owens' body was discovered face down on the lawn and a portion of his clothing was halfway off his body.

Now, the man's family wants answers and they may get them soon as an autopsy if being performed on Owens' body.

According to the report, cuts and scrapes were found on the victim's arms and some suspect that there could have been a struggle. However, police have told the family that Owens was not shot.

In the lawn service's defense, I am sure that they have mowed several yards in recent weeks with Halloween props and they may have thought that the body of Owens was just something they've seen in many yards that they were in.

For the sake of Owens' family, we hope that this family gets closer in this case as they have so many questions surrounding their loved one's death.


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