Debbie Ray and I are so excited about the CJ and Debbie Ray Flyaway to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this Friday, July 28.  It's the first time we've ever retreated to an all-inclusive, and we can't wait to see everyone.  We'll welcome back those who have been on other CJ and Debbie Ray jaunts and are excited to meet all of our newbies for the first time.

Most of our group this year will be leaving out of 3 different airports, Lafayette, New Orleans and Houston.  I do know of a few leaving out of Baton Rouge.  The goal is to get everyone out Friday morning and return Thursday August 3.  The official travel agency of the CJ and Debbie Ray Morning Show, Travel Machine in Lafayette, is once again in charge of all arrangements.  Travel Machine has just put out a revised list of things that will make your trip safe and exciting.

New Orleans Bus Departure:

Bus is departing the Single Source Supply parking lot (130 N. Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Scott LA 70583) at 5:15 AM SHARP! Please plan accordingly and do NOT leave vehicles at the pick-up location!!

Passport Requirements: : (Passports MUST BE valid until February 3rd, 2018)  Suggestion: make 2 copies of your passport.  Keep one copy with a loved one at home and pack the other copy in your checked suitcase.  YOUR PASSPORT IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU WILL HAVE ON THIS TRIP, DO NOT MISPLACE IT!!  You need it to get in and out of the country!

Airport Arrivals:

For those of you not riding the bus, please arrive a minimum of 2 hours before flight time (make sure to check in for 8am or earlier).  TSA Security lines are long and time consuming (even the pre check lines are long at this time of the morning).  Make sure your carry-on bag follows the restrictions to make the TSA process go by quicker.  (TSA Pre Check does not exist at Punta Cana Airport and Mobile Passport is not available for entry through New Orleans.  Mobile Passport App is available for Houston flight)

Tourist Card:

Dominican Republic Tourist Card required.  The cost is $10 CASH ONLY per person. It is advised you have cash on hand to purchase at airport.

Carry-On Luggage Restrictions:  Please read carefully and abide by all restrictions regarding liquids.  Each passenger is allowed 1 purse or handbag/backpack that must fit under your seat, in addition to a carry-on bag which MUST follow the restrictions listed in the link listed above.  It must also follow the required dimension to be considered a ‘carry on’ (9 inches thick x 22 inches tall x 14 inches wide).

Checked Bags Restrictions / Requirements:

Only 1 bag per person is permitted.  Pre-Payment of your bag is highly recommended ($39 Roundtrip / per person), $50 roundtrip / per person check in upon check in)

Restrictions to checked baggage are maximum of 50 lbs per bag (limit 1 bag per person) not 44lbs and the standard 62 linear inches or less.

It is VERY important to put your check baggage claim ticket in a VERY safe place (with your passport), since it is required to exit the Punta Cana airport with your luggage.  Each person is individually checked by security and the checked bag claim ticket (given to you at check in - which matches the ticket on your luggage).  This protocol is required in order for you to depart the airport with your luggage!!!

Checked Luggage:

Restrictions to checked baggage are maximum of 50 lbs per bag (limit 1 bag per person) not 44lbs and the standard 62 linear inches or less.

Suggested Tips for Valuables:

This is an all-inclusive resort but tipping is optional. Recommended that you get singles ($1’s) for tipping before leaving the United States.

If you’d like to use your debit or credit card while on the trip, contact your card company/bank prior to travel to make sure they release security holds that may prevent you from using it while in the Dominican Republic.  Dominican Republic does charge cards in Pesos so you will also want to find out your cards conversion rates.  ATMs alone will have a minimum charge of 20% per transaction.

The casino has table games and slots in USD currency.

Contact your cell phone company prior to travel to get instructions on your phone usage while traveling.  Some offer international plans and can advise on how to avoid increased charges on your phone bill.

Your room will have a safe that you can lock valuables daily, but please read all instructions on it carefully.  Please use your better judgment in regard to bringing valuable items on this trip.

Airport Transfers:

Review your KTDY documents for transfer information.  After you receive your luggage, you have to walk through the area filled with Time-Share people who will claim to be your transfer.  THEY ARE NOT! Do not stop.  Keep going all the way through this area to the outside until you see the NEXUS Logo.

Dress Code:

Resort casual by day, resort elegant by night. So, while the sun is up, your shorts, tank tops, swim suits, and cover ups are the perfect attire. As the sun sets and you set out to enjoy the evening, proper attire is required, recommended are light slacks and closed toe shoes for men (although elegant dress shorts and flip flops are permitted in some restaurants).  We have attached restaurant menus for each of the onsite venues!

New Orleans Chartered Air Schedule:

28 July 2017          9:55 AM       Departure: New Orleans, LA

28 July 2017          2:25 PM        Arrival: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


3 Aug 2017            2:00 PM      Departure: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

3 Aug 2017            5:00 PM      Arrival: New Orleans, LA

Houston Chartered Air Schedule:

28 July 2017          7:00 AM       Departure: Houston, TX

28 July 2017          11:55 PM     Arrival: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


3 Aug 2017            3:00 PM      Departure: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

3 Aug 2017            5:55 PM      Arrival: Houston, TX

If you have any questions please contact Travel Machine, 102 Westmark Blvd. Ste 1A, Lafayette, La.  70506.  Call (337) 981-7870 or visit

See you all soon, in Punta Cana!!









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