Meet Landon Labouve. He's an amazing kid.

You may recognize Landon from a story that KATC ran a few years ago, but our media partners recently caught up with Landon to shine a light on his latest venture. Landon's Lemonade Stand is back out on Main street in Jennings and once again he's raising money to help a friend in need.

I keep doing it for people like Jace, who need a service dog.

Landon's buddy Jace is a 5-year-old currently living with epilepsy. He's taking numerous medications but his mother, Amber Cooper says his condition continues to get worse. Their main focus is avoiding seizures that can be triggered from anything to flashing Christmas lights to Mardi Gras parades.

Amber believes that Jace can form his own independence with a service dog as his own "best friend that could be with him 24/7." The only problem is, those service dogs are very pricey and she can't afford one on her own.

They require you to put down a deposit of $18,000 to get onto the list to start. Then they run $30 to $40-thousand dollars. That’s just with boarding and training the dog for two years. Vet bills, training, and food, anything like that.

Landon has stepped in to lend a helping hand, pulling in $2,000 on the first day of his lemonade stand reopening. He sets up on Main street, right in front of his mom's hair salon. This 8-year-old is something special and he plans to be out again on Mother's Day weekend to sell lemonade for Jace.

If you're in the area, be sure to buy a glass and quench your thirst for a great cause.

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