Melanie Carroll Shammout posted on faceboook Saturday that her daughter's stuffed monkey was lost. She thought that someone had picked up "Monk" at the Chick-Fil-A on Ambassador Caffery, stating, "The stuffed monkey was in a brown purse with a pink tassel - the purse isn’t important but the stuffed monkey is." The facebook community immediately stepped up to help with suggestions like this one from Donna, " Crazy suggestion, but any thoughts on dumpster diving to look for it? Maybe it was accidentally thrown. Closed on Sundays, and maybe that dumpster hasn't been serviced yet," and this sweet offer from Robin, "If you don't find it, I'm almost certain we have one just like this. If it helps your daughter she can have it. She'll never know."

Well, the news is good this morning. Monk is back in the loving arms a happy child. Melanie shared the good news last night, "...Monks has been found and is home safe and sound! Thanks to all who shared my post, I feel fortunate to have such a caring community on our side!!!"

We agree, Melanie, and we love a happy ending. #lovelafayette

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