What do you get when you team a monkey with a dog? Total awesomeness!

Meet Whiplash the Rodeo Monkey, a creature that travels around to rodeos and fairs riding a dog.

Whiplash, 22, has been plying his trade around for crowds since he was two. His handler, Kenny Petet says he's always a big hit:

I mean who doesn’t love a monkey? And who doesn’t love a monkey riding a dog?"

Wise words, indeed. Whiplash is a rarity in these times. Petet says he's the only monkey who rides dogs, although he adds there is another one based in Georgia that does something similar. And Petet adds Whiplash really rides, noting, "He knows how to ride. He’s no more tied on to that dog than I am on to any horse I ride.”

Whiplash gets dressed up in his cute little outfit for his shows, so don't expect him to show off his birthday suit. Peter says, "You never saw John Wayne naked, you never saw Roy Rogers naked and you won’t see Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey naked. Every time you see him, he’ll be dressed up ’cause that’s exactly how cowboys are, you know, you don’t get to see us naked."

Good to know, although we're pretty sure that won't deter too many people from watching Whiplash in action.

Take a look at Whiplash doing his thing below:

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