Sentimental Value

In 1966, Stephanie Bigot from Erath, Louisiana, wife of Veteran Richard Bigot, went on a shopping trip with her mother. During that shopping outing, the mother-daughter duo spotted a pair of beautiful sterling silver and gold earrings. Stephanie really liked them, so mom bought them for her daughter. That was 55 years ago.

While on a recent visit to Walmart in Abbeville, Mrs. Bigot, wearing the sentimental earrings, lost one in the parking lot outside, on the Subway side of the parking lot. As you can imagine, Stephanie Bigot is heartbroken. These earrings mean so much to her.

The Hunt

Mrs. Bigot took out an ad in the "Lost & Found" classifieds in the Abbeville Meridional on February 28, 2021:

Abbeville Meridional Newspaper

The ad presents the reward as a batch of 5 layer peanut butter cookies. Townsquare Media (TSM) has learned that these aren't just any peanut butter cookies. These are Mrs. Bigot's very special, made with love, original homemade cookies. She came up with the recipe when she owned bakeries in 1993 and 2004.

The Reward

Staff Photo

Mrs. Bigot gives out these unbelievably delicious cookies complimentary to police officers other first responders in her hometown of Erath. However, these delights are sold exclusively at Pappy's Mini Mart located at 908 W Lastie St. in Erath. Or, you can turn in the lost earring and get a personal batch free of charge.

Stephanie Bigot actually makes two types of the 5-layer cookie, peanut butter, and vanilla strawberry. Both equally delicious.

The Bigots are retired, extremely nice people. If you spot this earring in the Abbeville Walmart parking lot, on the Subway side of the parking lot, please call (337) 652-8776.

The gold in the earring in this particular picture is enhanced. When looking at the earring in person, gold is hardly visible.

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