The Louisiana Treasury Department has, for a while now, been returning "lost" money to Louisiana residents. They even have a website dedicated to helping you recover YOUR lost money. Now the state is taking it one step further: they will start returning lost military records, certificates, and medals.

According to the Louisiana Radio Network, Senator Bob Hensgens of Abbeville introduced the legislation that calls for the Louisiana Treasury Department to start handling this duty.

The agency will soon start working with "banks, safety deposit box companies, and other groups" to work out the details of returning these items to their rightful owner(s) or next-of-kin (in case the veteran has died).

Treasurer John Schroder said that this is the only actual "property" that the agency will handle, other than the cash and other monetary mediums of exchange of which they currently handle.

If you would like to see if there is any money owed to you that the state is safekeeping, use this website to search!


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