Before you know it, Santa Claus will be visiting our Louisiana homes to place our wishes under our Christmas trees.

In the lead-up to Christmas, it's amazing to watch children as they talk about what they want for Christmas. Many children write a letter to Santa detailing exactly what they are hoping will be under the tree.

If you take a look at the popular movies for children this year, you will see that some of those same themes translate into toys that children want.

Child Visiting Santa
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Here are some of the suggestions for the top 5 toys that kids are going to want this year from sites like Amazon, Good Housekeeping, and more. If you haven't heard of some of these, you are not alone, and that's the fun in checking out this story.

At the top of the list for Good Housekeeping when they reviewed the toys on Amazon is a game called, "Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza". Now, I've heard parents in this building talk about this game, but I have never played it.

When I hopped on YouTube to check out how you play the game, I have to have it! It seems like a GREAT game to play with kids and the whole family. Here is the link to the video I found:

One of the toys that is going to be in the top 5 of "wants" for kids this year will be the Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet and Case according to the Today Show it is going to be a toy that every kid you know will want.

Do you remember in the 90s buying a child you loved a Furby or a Giga Pet for their birthday? Those were so hot for a while. Now the Furby is making something of a comeback.

You can click here to see other favorites from the 90s. Here is a picture of the Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet and Case and a video from TTPM Toy Reviews about how they operate:

One of the top toys that knows will be on the list for plenty of children this year will be the Barbie Dream House. The Barbie movie was a huge success this year, and children want the same house they saw in the movie.

Here is the Barbie Dreamhouse AND a video on how to assemble it. Santa's elves are too busy to put it together themselves so thank goodness we have this video from the site High Hopes Barbie.

If you saw the Barbie movie, you will be able to quickly see from the 2023 Dreamhouse that it matches the house in the movie. If your children love Barbie, and you have the budget, the Dreamhouse is definitely a toy says should be on our purchase list.

Guess what toy as made a comeback in a huge way? Good Housekeeping reports making the top five list is the Furby. To every parent who had to live through the era of the non-stop talking furry little robots, you will need to give advice to the new generation because this toy is back.

The Furby is really a cute little toy. They speak to each other and you food them and interact with them on a variety of different levels.

Is this new Furby as good as the old Furby?  Well, Eric J Kuhns has a review, and he gives his thoughts. In addition he explains how to set the toy up. Amazon says it's one of the the hottest toys this year. You can give this gift if you don't know what to give a young one.

Super Mario Brothers
YouTube Jakks Toys

Another idea for a toy that young kids will love is anything with Mario and Luigi! Walmart says one of the hottest items this year is the Super Mario Brothers Movie Mario Action Figure with Pull Back Racer.

These racers look like they would be fun to play with along with your kids. I would suspect this would help to keep kids entertained for quite a while.

Jakks Toys does a review for you below:

Christmas is such a magical time, and we hope that you have a wonderful season.

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