Anyone with kids should read this, then share it.

A woman in Lafayette says that she had a strange feeling about a few men in a local shopping center parking lot.

She says that she was shopping off of Louisiana Ave. when a few men started to follow her and her children to her car. Having a weird feeling about them, she was able to quickly get her kids into her vehicle.

She says that she noticed a white van circling the parking lot where she was parked. At one point the men walking behind this woman and her kids shook their heads "No" as the van reportedly approached this mother.

Security and Lafayette Police were notified of the incident and they have reviewed security footage from the parking lot.

I write this to not scare you, but to remind you to always be aware of your surroundings. This mother was alert and she was able to leave without an incident.

We don't know what these men may have been up to, but it is always best to never put yourself or your kids in danger.

One more thing, police say to NOT get on your cellphone while in a parking lot. It will not deter someone from approaching you. As a matter of fact, being on your phone may entice someone to approach you because they may think you are distracted from the surroundings.

Here's her description of the incident off of Louisiana Ave. in Lafayette.

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