A UFO sighting in Lafayette last month is being investigated by the Louisiana branch of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

MUFON is the 'world's largest UFO phenomenon investigative body in the world' according to its website, operating chapters throughout the world made up of trained UFO investigators from various backgrounds. I had the opportunity to interview  Louisiana MUFON's Regional Director, Reginald Buck (listen to our interview here).

Mr. Buck explained that there are often hundreds of UFO reports in Louisiana and that many turn out to easily - explained occurrences like aircraft or natural phenomenon.

Some sightings cannot be as easily explained, like one reported to MUFON by a resident of Lafayette in June 2017. The witness reported the following to MUFON:

Saturday may 27, 2017 at approximately 5pm in lafayette, louisiana.

i was looking at the clouds at about a 45% angle in the northern part of the sky to focusing my binoculars for later.

and as soon as i got the focus… there they were.

2 ufos!

one on top the other and in close proximity to each other.
the one underneath the other was moving left to right from side to side in a straight pattern, while the other one hovered above it.

there were both saucer shaped and was a black or dark gray color and both had lights in the front that pulsated back and forth like the knight rider car but only much slower.

the color of the lights from my perspective was red on the left blue in the middle and either yellow or white on the right.

Click here to read the full report from the witness as submitted to MUFON's UFO Tracker.

The witness created a video recreation of the sighting:

Louisiana MUFON is investigating the incident. If you witnessed these UFOs around May 29th, shoot me a message on Facebook or an email at chris@999ktdy.com!


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