Since the Coronavirus pandemic in March of this year, most stores are empty of germ and virus killing products such as bleach, laundry sanitizers and rubbing alcohol. Clothes washing sanitizers such as Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is still absent from store shelves, bleach is starting to make a comeback and rubbing alcohol is scarce.

We reached out to nearly 30 stores and pharmacies in the Lafayette metro. Both Target stores in Lafayette, Walmart on Ambassador Caffery and Pinhook, almost all CVS and Walgreens stores, popular grocery stores including Rouses, Super One Foods, Albertsons and Adrien's, Drug Emporium on Bertrand Dr. and unfortunately Dollar General and Family Dollar stores contacted did not answer or gave us recordings and disconnected. As a side note, having live individuals answer at all three Albertsons locations was a real treat.

Stores in Lafayette That Have Rubbing Alcohol in Stock

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