It's been a busy week for Lafayette Parish School System employees and the various resource officers deployed around our schools. This week there were two threats documented against our schools. One was a BB gun incident at Middlebrook Elementary School. The other was the fourth threat this year made against Lafayette High School.

These threats prompted this response from the Lafayette Parish School System.

In addition to the social media post, Lafayette Schools also sent letters to parents of students enrolled at Middlebrook Elementary and at Lafayette High. The letters, penned by PIO Allison Dickerson detailed the threats to parents. The letter also encouraged parents to discuss the incidents with their children.

The letter also reiterated the Lafayette School's policy concerning threats made against schools or students. There is zero tolerance for such things and every threat is taken seriously. The letter also reminded parents to remind students that any threat made against a school will result in prosecution.

One other issue school system officials encouraged parents to check is this. Their contact information for the system's messaging system. The messaging system is a fast and efficient way for the school system to share information with parents so making sure your contact information is up to date would be a good idea.


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