Lafayette High School is currently on lockdown for the second time this week as a result of pointed online threats.


According to LPSS automated message, the lockdown has been lifted at Lafayette High School but a shelter-in-place protocol remains intact.

This is message from the district. After a thorough search of the campus, the lockdown at Lafayette High School has been lifted and the school is now on shelter in place status. Visitors will not be able to enter or leave the campus. Lunch will be served to students shortly. We will provide an update as soon as one is available. Thank you. Please visit your district's web based Student Progress Center for more details.


The school sent out the following message to parents:

This is a message from the district. Lafayette High School is on lockdown status due to a threat to campus. Visitors will not be allowed to enter or leave the campus. Students are safe and in class. We will provide an update as soon as one is available. Thank you. Please visit your district's web based Student Progress Center for more details.

Earlier this week, the school was on lockdown due to online threats that named specific staff members and students on social media. Another screengrab (with names redacted) showing similar threats along with a specific time was circulating on social media earlier this morning.


Multiple Lafayette High parents claim their children received the message—some via AirDrop—with the details of what would take place on their campus.

Sr. Cpl. Matthew Benoit confirmed that officers were on the scene and that the campus is "secure, and lockdown protocol is in place" as LPSS continues to update parents.

Lafayette Police Officers are currently on the scene at Lafayette High School, regarding another threat of violence to students and staff, via social media. Around 8:30 a.m., officers and staff at LHS were notified about the social media threats. LHS administration and school resource officers immediately placed the school into lock down. The school is secure, and lockdown protocol is in place. The LPSS is in contact with parents, and sending updates.

While administrators and authorities take every threat seriously, it's obvious that both parents and students have become frustrated with how these threats are disrupting the school day, not to mention the anxiety stacked on top of the entire situation.

Our media partners at KATC went live from the scene earlier this morning.

According to parents in a local Facebook group, students aren't usually allowed to leave the classroom during lockdown. This means that they don't have access to the bathroom or food outside of what may be with them in the classrooms or buildings they are in during lockdown.

Passerbys report a large police presence at Lafayette High "with more on the way" as the school remains on lockdown until further notice.

Story developing...

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