Lafayette High school was placed on lockdown Monday morning due to online threats made toward "named students and staff members."

UPDATE (2:17 p.m.):

LPSS announced that the Lafayette High School campus has moved to a "shelter-in-place status" and students will be dismissed under the following protocol:

Visitors will not be able to enter or leave the campus. The school will proceed with normal, staggered bus and car rider dismissal. Students who ride a bus will be sent home on their assigned bus. students who walk home from school must be picked up in the car rider line today. Student drivers will dismiss as normal. Students will not be allowed to check out. All after-school activities are canceled.

Parents are advised to visit their student's web-based Student Progress page for more details.

UPDATE (12:52 p.m.):

LPSS confirmed that the lockdown and ongoing investigation at Lafayette High School are due to online threats. A report from Leslie Westbrook at The Advocate also confirmed that at least one student was placed in handcuffs as approximately 50 law enforcement units surrounded the school.

According to the Advocate report, LPSS confirmed the tweet mentioned below in the original story were "threats to harm named students and staff members."

UPDATE (12:15 p.m.):

Lafayette High just sent out a message that their campus is still on lockdown while authorities continue to investigate the potential threat on campus.

LHS says that all students are safe at this time, asking parents to avoid going to the school to pick up their children.



Parents of LHS students sent us the following message Monday morning, reporting a lockdown due to a "potential threat on campus."


While we aren't sure if the lockdown is related to this specific threat, an image of a concerning tweet circulated on social media making an explicit threat toward a list of names from an account named @hateLHS

attachment-MicrosoftTeams-image (9)

A quick search on Twitter confirmed that the tweet did indeed exist on the social platform, but has since been deleted for violating terms.


Students on campus seemed to allude to the reported lockdown on Twitter.

We reached Lafayette Police for more information and authorities have confirmed they are currently investigating Lafayette High School due to a social media threat but no other details were given at this time.

A report from our media partners at KATC states that at least one student was placed in handcuffs.

Story developing...

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