The hackers and internet bad guys are trying many tricks to get you to give them the information they need. Now more than ever, with so many people at home on the internet, they are working overtime. According to the Lafayette Police Department, one of the ways they are trying to access your personal information is through these Facebook challenges and questionnaires that have been making the rounds. An example is “Share a picture of every car you have ever owned.” LPD says this information can be used to gain access to your personal information. Think about when you create or verify an account and you have to come up with security questions. One of the most common ones to be used is “What was your first vehicle?” Scary, right? Another Facebook challenge that I’ve seen people do lately is “what is your mother’s maiden name”. LPD says in a Facebook post that questions like these can potentially be used to identify yourself on your personal email or other important accounts like online banking.

As bored as we all are right now, with so much extra time on our hands, try not to fall into this trap. If a post is asking you to copy and paste, you probably shouldn’t. LPD also warns that copy and pasting allows the original posters to look at the accounts of everyone who does it.

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