The Piano Department of the Performing Arts Academy at Lafayette High School held their 2nd Annual "Lafayette High's Got Talent" talent show on Friday night, and I was lucky enough to serve as a judge!  Jamie Cappel, Tracy Wirtz and I made up the panel of judges, and we were all impressed with the evening's showcase of talent.

Sean Trcalek and Chase August (a LHS Senior) were the emcees for the event, and they kept the time in between acts minimal and humorous with their banter.

The musical act that impressed me the most was the guitar/vocal duet "The Big Blue".  Cousins Taylor Verrett (LHS Sophomore) and Glenn Lancon (LHS Senior), with their rendition of The Civil Wars' Barton Hallow. (Though not placing in the top 3 of the evening, their performance was, by far, MY favorite of the evening.)

The winners for the evening included 2 dance acts and one solo musician.  Quintin Nelson's original dance number,  "Marry the Night", was good enough to garner him 3rd place (there was a tie-breaker between Quintin and Alexander Narcisse's operatic performance of "Nessun Dorma"); 2nd place went to Jackson Merkl for his  piano solo of Rachmaninoff's "Prelude in C Minor"; and this year's winner of Lafayette High's Got Talent was Trae Brooks with this 'Dubstep' performance.

I was sincerely blown away by the talent that I saw on the stage at Lafayette High School on Friday night.  The performers, parents, teachers and the whole student body should be proud of their program!!

Lafayette High's Got Talent

For those interested, here is the original "Barton Hallow" by The Civil Wars.  Enjoy!

(Music video via Yahoo! Music)

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