NEW ORLEANS, La. (999 KTDY) - If you have an RV then you likely love to travel across our state and also venture across the country when it's time to take a vacation. The problem in the past used to be how do you know where the great campsites are located and is there a vacancy? Problem solved.

Several gentlemen, some with ties to Lafayette have now treated an app for that! The website and app was created after a few friends were lamenting the process of finding a suitable RV site while planning a trip.

Sam Bruner told the Advocate that the whole business idea came about three years ago when they were looking at Terry Broussard's RV just sitting in his Lafayette backyard.

Imagine how much easier life is going to be for people who want a great spot for the night with the amenities they need. Bruner says their app is just like another app, You can check the website or app to get exactly the right kind of RV rental park you want and book it by just clicking a button.

He adds that they are also continuing expansion into other similar types of places that people would want to stay.

What about the industry itself? Is it just a bunch of retired people who roam the country in RVs? The answer to that is "yes" but they are not the only group loving the open road and freedom of an RV. He says research shows millennials are the fastest-growing demographic buying recreational vehicles.

Bruner says research shows around 26% of the new growth in the industry is among this group. They want the freedom of being able to be on the move and with the technology they can be anywhere they want to virtually if the wi-fi connection is decent enough.

Outside of the younger folks, for those that are retired it's going to make life a lot simpler for people who want to take a trip, but don't want to have to waste hours on the web trying to look up different websites; everything is now in one spot. Another bonus is that their website also honors discounts like Good Sam Club or military discounts saving travelers a little money.

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