A viral video shows a Lafayette Academy employee taking a direct hit from a customer who was booted from the store.

According to what we saw in a video posted to Instagram, an employee at Academy Sports + Outdoors is tussling with a woman in the store over an oversized bag of some sort.

The employee is trying to pull the bag away, but the masked woman in the white shirt is pulling it away. At some point, you hear someone say "don't touch me." While we can't confirm that the woman with the bag is an attempted shoplifter, the video caption did allude to that being a possibility.

Academy on Ambassador In Lafayette,la
only out here they fight for the stuff they stole

As the two continue to battle for the bag, the woman in white is seen rearing back and squarely hitting the Academy employee in or around their face. There is an audible "oooooh" from those witnessing the incident nearby.

attachment-Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 6.36.23 AM

Eventually, the employee wrestles the bag away from the woman as the situation ends up near the doors. The Academy employee is heard repeatedly telling the woman to "get out." As the woman turns and walks out of the door the employee tells her not to return or she will be considered a trespasser and arrested, which lends credibility to eyewitness reports that she may have been attempting to shoplift the bag.

Facebook, Blaine Rogers
Instagram, Blaine Rogers

Either way, this employee at the Ambassador Caffery location of Academy Sports and Outdoors in Lafayette took a punch to "secure the bag." In most cases we often see shoplifters walk because employees are usually instructed to not get involved as risk management or security usually handles those situations.

Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks they're about to walk up in Academy on Ambassador (or any store) and take anything without paying in full.

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