Video has gone viral on social media of a Houston, TX small business owner who took action after being alerted that someone was stealing from her business. The owner ended up tracking down the shoplifter to a bus where she confronted her face to face.

This small business owner was not going to let shoplifting slide...


Small business owner Sophia Milan operates Erotic Cabaret Boutique in the Montrose area of Houston, TX and, as this story will show you, cares a lot about the store. The business owner's latest TikTok shows how she recently handled a shoplifting situation in a bold way.

The story goes that Milan was hanging out with her parents when she was alerted by her employees that someone was shoplifting. They had surveillance footage that seemingly confirmed the suspicion, so the owner jumped into action.

TikTok via @itssophiamilian
TikTok via @itssophiamilian

The business owner ended up finding the alleged shoplifter on a public bus where a confrontation ensued. The alleged shoplifter was clearly uncomfortable with the camera on her, as the business owner boldly called out the actions. She even went through the alleged shoplifter's bag and found some of her merchandise.

Eventually, the TikTok shifts to a moment off of the bus where the alleged shoplifter was seemingly being arrested by Houston police officers.


Houston Small Business Owner Tracks Down Shoplifter on Bus, Leads to Arrest

*** WARNING - Some language used in this video is NSFW ***

See the entire string of events shared by @itssophiamilan on TikTok below.

Business owners in Louisiana have also had their issues with shoplifters. Just about a year ago, a Baton Rouge boutique owner had to physically fight off a shoplifter in her store along Perkins Road.

Small business owners livelihoods rely off of turning a profit on the merchandise in their store. Obviously, if shoplifting becomes a consistent issue these operations can become nearly impossible.

While her actions could have been potentially dangerous and were definitely bold, I commend this small business owner who would not allow someone to steal from her store. There is no worse feeling than being stolen from, so I have a lot of respect for this Houston boutique owner.

Did the owner do the right thing or did she take a small shoplifting incident too far? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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