Trending on Facebook right now is the parent/offspring look-alike posts, where users post photos of themselves alongside photos of their parents, asking who they resemble most.

We thought that we would get on board by posting photos of our staff side-by-side with our respective parents and letting you decide which parent we most closely resemble.

Chime in and tell us what you think!


  • photo by Debbie Ray
    photo by Debbie Ray

    CJ and His Parents

    Which parent does CJ most closely resemble, his father (the one with the bow tie) or his mother (the one in the veil)?

  • Facebook Debbie Ray
    Facebook Debbie Ray

    Debbie Ray and Her Parents

    Who does Debbie most closely resemble, her dad or her mom?  (Not many people know that her parents were both members of the Mickey Mouse Club!!)

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    Steve Wiley and His Parents

    Who does Steve Wiley most closely resemble, his mother (with the bird) or his father (with the skipper's cap)?

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    JayCee and His Parents

    Who does JayCee most closely resemble: his mother (no beard), or his father (beard)?

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