It's not every day that you get an invitation from someone who asks you, "Can I throw a cake in your face?". Since it's all for a young woman's effort to serve the BETA Club I happily agreed.

I received a text a few days ago asking if I would be interested in helping a young Teurlings student in her quest to become the Vice President of the BETA Club of Louisiana. I jumped at the chance. I used to be in BETA about a million years ago.

Part of Brylee Williams' strategy is to get people talking about her campaign, and what better way to do that than to ask local business people to take a cake in the face?

I said, "Absolutely"! You have to love it when a young person asks for an older person's help, and that's another reason why I thought it was such a good idea. By the way, her homemade cake was so DELICIOUS!

Cake in the Face
TSM photo

When the Louisiana BETA convention happens at the CajunDome later this month, over 11,000 Betas students will be in our town to hold their gatherings.

Williams is running to be elected as the BETA State Vice President. But, that's not all. As her mom Susie says, "When she wins (in Louisiana) she will move onto the National Conventional in Savanah, Georgia where she hopes to be elected the National Vice President.

Brylee Williams' medium is cake! She has already achieved the following:

Three-time State Champion in Three-Dimensional Design with Cakes

Two-time National Champion in Three-Dimensional Design with Cakes

She has been doing a wonderful job of representing her high school, her club, and the state of Louisiana.


We wish Brylee the best of luck at the convention, and we are confident she'll bring home a win! Brylee is doing all of this to get the attention of the other 11,000 young people in attendance so they will vote for her. What better idea than getting to put a cake in the face of as many adults as will let you?

Now, for anyone who wants to see something funny for a good cause, here is the video we made together:

Best day of work, ever!

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