Yikes! Kendall Jenner should probably brush up on her boy band knowledge, seeing as how we all felt that secondhand embarrassment tonight as she kind of almost introduced 5 Seconds of Summer as One Direction. Talk about awkward!

When hyping up the crowd before 5SOS' performance of 'She Looks So Perfect' (which was seriously awesome, BTW), Jenner flubbed the intro, calling the band "One…" before realizing her mistake and attempting to save the embarrassing moment with some deprecating humor, saying she was the worst reader. Whoops! She later took to Twitter to again joke about the incident, writing:

Fortunately, the band didn't seem at all fazed by her accidental mistake, completely nailing their performance, all while looking just as cute as ever. One of the things we love best about the guys of 5SOS (besides their ever-infectious music, of course) is how they are genuinely talented musicians, showing everyone how it's done as they totally rocked out and jammed with some serious guitar riffs. Check out their performance below.

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