Social media was lit up on Sunday afternoon with Tigers fans giving their hot takes on the then-fresh news of the impending departure of Coach Ed Orgeron from the LSU football team at the season's end.

There were a lot of opinions on if LSU should have let me go or if he deserves to stay. But one of the random funnies that I saw was fans' inquiries regarding Coach O and his likeness on all those Raising Cane's billboards throughout the state.

People were really curious as to when those would get taken down. Well, it looks like that has already started.

In a video tweeted by Twitter user Byrd (@sublimebyrd), just after lunchtime on Monday, Oct. 18, one of the billboards went down. The billboard is located in Prairieville on Hwy 42.

So, are all the billboards coming down? Cane's owner Todd Graves replied with a series of tweets to explain what actually happened in this particular incident.

It's simple - the contract for the billboard ended at the end of September.

Graves tweeted, "...Our contract for this billboard ended at the end of September and was removed as planned to prepare for another advertiser. This was unrelated to yesterday's announcement....."

@ToddGraves, Twitter

Graves also said, "We've enjoyed having Coach O as the leader of our hometown team and a spokesperson for Cane's."

@ToddGraves, Twitter

At some point in the near future though, one would expect the remaining billboards to be taken make way for the new coach?

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