This does not end well.

Watch as a couple, who had a few drinks in them, attempts to recreate the popular dance move from the movie "Dirty Dancing."

At first, it looks like the couple may pull it off, but then disaster strikes. The man in the video drops the woman on her neck.

The woman in the video, who is a dance instructor, says that she was confident they would pull off the dance, but things certainly did not go as planned.

As soon as the woman fell, her family rushed to her aid and took her took a nearby hospital. Luckily she was only bruised and doctors were amazed that she did not have any extensive injuries. All in all, she got very lucky.

Check out the failed attempt below and please don't try this at home or anywhere. It was a cool stunt in the movie, but this isn't something you want to do after a few cocktails.


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