I've seen people do this while staring at their phone, but to just be that oblivious to life is beyond me.

I feel like there's so many thoughts and feelings while watching this video.

Firstly, how does this even happen? How can you be that checked out or oblivious to the world around you? Secondly, How embarrassing.

Can you imagine doing this in front of a slew of people around a poolside buffet? And now, the internet has you in it's sights.

Thirdly, what next? What's your next move after you do this? Do you skip dinner? Do you go back to the buffet for more food and carry on like nothing happens? Just laugh it off?

Also, there's a ladder leading out of the pool right next to her. Why does she keep trying to get out without using that? I guess that's a silly question seeing as she did just walk RIGHT INTO the pool.

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