Before you cannonball into a cold body of water, make sure the water isn't completely frozen.

This lady learned this the hard way, and thankfully, someone was recording so the rest of the world can see. Naturally, this video took place in Russia, because, well, Russia. Since it was over there, I would be willing to guess that this lady might have had a little liquid courage.

The video alone will make you feel cold, then to make matters worse, she strips down to her undies. Then, she goes for it, jumping directly into this very, very cold pond. The only problem is that the water was so cold, it had completely frozen over.

So, as you can imagine, it was far less of a splash and much more of a THUD.

Poor girl actually broke her ankle on the fall, although she somehow was able to limp off.

See her video below, and under that, check out my polar plunge from a few years ago!


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