Happy National Daiquiri Day! There are 30 states in the U.S. that offer drive-thru alcohol including Louisiana and our neighbors to the west, Texas. In Louisiana, the daiquiri is the drive-thru drink favorite. Acadiana is filled with places to get a daiquiri, but when it comes to the best, there are three that take the top spots.

Before we get to the Top 3, let's investigate how drive-thru daiquiri shops became legal in Louisiana.

According to Micheal Mizell-Nelson, the drive-thru daiquiri shop was not born in New Orleans, as one might think, but instead, just outside of Ruston, Louisiana back in 1979. People from Ruston, home of Louisiana Tech University, would drive just outside of town for a drive-thru daiquiri.

Since 1979, Louisiana is booming with drive-thru daiquiri shops and bars. So how is it that a city like Lafayette, which forbids open containers of alcohol in moving vehicles, still allows drive-thru daiquiri businesses to operate?

In the early 1980s, Lafayette passed a law forbidding open containers of alcohol in moving vehicles. One Lafayette daiquiri owner decided to put a piece over the lid. This made it perfectly legal for them to stay open.

Even after the entire state adopted the open container law, every daiquiri establishment in the state remained open because of a small piece of tape.

Louisiana Open Container law (LSA 32:300) in so many words states that a frozen daiquiri with a taped lid is not an open container.

So now that we know where the taped lid was born, Lafayette, let's find out where to get the best daiquiri in the city.

Top 3 Places to Get the Best Daiquiri in Lafayette (Two establishments are just outside of Lafayette)


Daiquiri Island

Google Maps
Google Maps

Daiquiri Island is located at 5410 Cameron Street, Scott, LA 70583. Call (337) 233-6145.

Daiquiri Island in Scott! -Jody G.



Yabbos, Facebook
Yabbos, Facebook

Yabbos is located at 226 Saint Nazaire Road, Broussard, LA 70518. Call (337) 330-2504.

Yabbos’s is pretty good. -Shane L.


Yabbos on St. Nazaire Rd in Broussard! ‘Can make almost any flavored daiquiri and they are fantastic!!! ‘Can either drive-thru (for food, loaded teas, daiquiris, groceries, etc…) or sit inside with a full bar!!! Brand new and AWESOME!!! -Joan V.


Daiquiris Supreme

Daiquiris Supreme, Facebook
Daiquiris Supreme, Facebook

Daiquiris Supreme is located at 4680 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503. Call (337) 989-1879.

The Best Daquiris on National Daquiris Day is. DAQUIRIS SUPREME, Drive-Thru 2 for The price of 1, Awesome Servers, Lots of Flavors to choose from, Amazing Food. -Kathy R.


Daiquiri Supreme on Johnston. -Shelley S.

Happy National Daiquiri Day Acadiana.

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