The midterm elections are happening on November 6, and for a country that seems more divided now than it has in decades, this election day seems more important than ever.

Celebrities have been using their platforms to encourage their fans to vote, and on Tuesday (October 23) Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter to urge her fans to hit the polls next month in the best way she knows how: by song.

"Hey, hey, come together. We can make the world much better," the pop star belts out in a video clip. "Can't give up on hope, gotta get up and vote."

She then speaks her message:

"All right, y'all. You beautiful Americans. I don't care who you vote for, if you're independent, a Republican or a Democrat, I'm not about any party right now," she explains. "I'm just about you using your privilege of living in a country where you can vote and you should vote."

"If you want action in your communities, you gotta be a part of it, so whoever you're voting for, whoever rings your bell, go vote for them," she adds.

Watch the video below.

Clarkson isn't the only pop star using her voice to urge fans to vote. Ariana Grande recently posted a picture of her ballot on Instagram story with the caption "Vote, f**kers." Most famously, Taylor Swift broke her political silence to endorse a democratic Senate candidate in her voting state of Tennessee earlier this month. In the 24 hours that followed, recorded a huge spike in registrations with 65,000 new voters signed up in just a day.

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