Zydeco legend Keith Frank made quite the entrance at this year's Zydeco Extravaganza.

When it comes to Zydeco music celebrations, the Extravaganza is known as "the Grand Daddy of them all" so it's no surprise that artists pull out all the stops. Based on all the smartphones in the air, Keith got the response he was looking for with his grand entrance to the smash hit single from Lil Nas X.

Not everyone was happy with Keith's entrance as it seems like someone inside the Blackham Coliseum threw a drink toward him as he got close to the stage. Hopefully, he raised one hand up later that evening—because he definitely has haters.

Keith is one of the nicest guys in the business, so I hope he raised two hands up after that because he was definitely greater—especially after an entrance like this!

I guess this is what happens when you mix hip hop, country, and zydeco. I like it!

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