In Kat Graham‘s troop, everyone is welcome! She’s not joking, either. Graham made her live TV debut, performing the thunderously percussive ‘Put Your Graffiti on Me’ on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ today (May 29), showing off her Scout’s Honor.

The singer/actress was dressed in a feminized, khaki Scout uniform to send a message to the Boy Scouts of America. She wanted to use her performance to shed light on the case of Jennifer Tyrrell, a den leader in her son’s troop who was booted for being a lesbian.

Before launching into the song and the well-choreographed dance, Graham declared: “In my scout troop, everyone’s welcome.” Graham was moving and grooving in her uniform, which she paired with shiny, red  patent leather combat boots. It was an effective way to make a point.

It was provocative, but not for the sake of being provocative. The fact that she performed with a message in mind made the performance stick out, since her mission was poignant.

Graham also filmed a spot backstage, explaining the reason she performed as a Scout, offering the details of Tyrrell’s story. “I dedicated my performance to her and to send a message to the Boy Scouts,”she said. “Go to and sign the petition to change the world.”

You gotta start somewhere and be the change you want to see in the world!

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